Design and Development of Smart Automation System for Garden Maintenance


  • Nikita Rajmane
  • Shradha V


ATMEGA328 microcontroller, Buzzer, Motor, RTC, Soil Moisture Sensor


Smart automation system for garden maintenance is specially designed to improve the conditions of public gardens by controlling plant watering, light and gate opening and closing without any human interference. This system avoids the wastage of electricity and water in public gardens. Arduino is used to control the entire functionality of system. RTC, soil moisture sensor, buzzer, motor required for water supply and motor required for gate control interfaced to ATMEGA328 microcontroller.
Lamps in the garden are switched ON/OFF depending upon time set in RTC device and the lamps will be ON upto closing of the garden. To find the contents of moisture in the soil, a sensor is used. Depending on moisture contents of the soil, the water pump will turn ON and OFF. The gate is opened and closed by motor with closing indication controlled through ATMEGA328 microcontroller. The designed system is deployed and tested which has performed well and reduced the efforts of humans.