Analysis of dual Mode Wind and Water Distillation Hybrid Solar System


  • Dinesh kumar Saha
  • Amit Agrawal


Distillation, Drinking water, Heat and mass transfer, Renewable energy, Traditional solar distillation systems


A hybrid solar-wind water distillation system (HSWWDS) is suggested and investigated in this work. The system comprises of a single basin solar-still and a wind-water heater that both operate at the same time. The suggested system has the benefit of being able to function at all hours of the day and night, allowing it to produce bigger volumes of distil water even on overcast days with strong winds. Simple model equations are built and simulations are run. The system is tested and the monthly and yearly yields are estimated using Jordan's summer and winter climate parameters. The distillation production increased significantly, especially during times when the wind energy was high, such as on summer evenings. Furthermore, the impact of wind turbine size on system performance has been investigated and reported. According to the estimates, the output can be three to four times more than a traditional solar distiller.