Pressure Drop Analysis in a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger


  • Ajaai Prannav. R.V
  • Srinandan. S
  • Aswath. K.K
  • Vishakan. V.G
  • Sam Solomon D P


Shell and tube heat exchanger, Segmental baffles, Heat transfer co-efficient, Pressure drop, Effectiveness


The shell and tube heat exchangers are used in a wide variety of industries and factories. Although achieving the higher heat transfer is the requirement, it is also necessary to achieve the heat transfer at a relatively lower pressure drop, as the high-pressure drop will result in high pumping power. So, achieving the enhancement of heat transfer at a lower pressure drop must be prioritized. In this article, a comparison has been made between the Kern’s and the Bell-Delaware’s methods in estimating the pressure drop in shell and tube heat exchangers. Baffles are used to create a crossflow in the shell and tube heat exchanger. In this journal, the pressure drop for 3 different sections that are taken into account and calculated. The 3 sections are the window section, the cross-flow, and the inlet and outlet sections. The specification that is used in our experiment of the pressure drop analysis of the shell and tube heat exchanger is specifically designed.