Performance Analysis of District Heating System by Increasing Number of Pipes


  • Saurabh Chaturvedi
  • Saumitra kumar sharma


CFD, District Heating Systems, Heat Transfer, Polyurethane Foam, Twin-Pipe


District Heating Systems (DHS) have gained increased attention for their economic, environmental, and health advantages. A District heating system is a reliable source of transferring heat from one place to another. In this system, all urban area has a single power plant system by which heated fluid will be supplied to the other units. In this study, computational fluid dynamics is performed using ANSYS software to make a comprehensive examination of the compatibility of regular twin pipes with various potential districts heating with having polyurethane foam (PUR) as an insulation material near the pipes. The District heating system is designed with 2 different arrangements of pipes, one with having 3 supply pipes and the second one with having 6 supply pipes, and both the cases have a single return pipe. With the help of CFD simulation, it is concluded that polyurethane foam (PUR) material can be used up to 6 supplies pipe of high-temperature fluid.