Affordable Water Quality Monitoring System Using IOT RC Boat


  • Abhinav Raj
  • Sandeep Banerjee
  • Pranav Grover
  • Yuvraj Rathore
  • Tapash Nayak


Arduino, GSM module, IoT, pH Sensor, Water quality


In the last few decades, water contamination has become a serious problem that everyone is concerned about. Personal Water Satisfaction is now a standout for individuals who have significant influence over their wellbeing and the state of ailments “among relatives, what are more animals." The principal supplies of drinking water are lakes and other waterways, which rely significantly on water flow (which includes the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of water). This IoT based water quality monitoring system's main goal or objective is to detect water quality, and how the pH content of water varies, and send notifications to the necessary organizations for that specific or specific water body. This system will be installed in water supply tanks and drinking storage tanks. We're using an Arduino board to compute pH and the same GSM module for message transfer in that case. Finally, the user receives an alert stating the water's pH value. This concept can be developed further by uploading data from sensors to the cloud for global water quality monitoring.