Construction Safety: A Review of Literature on Application of Technology for Construction Safety Monitoring


  • Chethan. V
  • P Nanjunadwamy


Accidents, Hazards, Occupational safety and health administration (O.S.H.A), Safety, Technology


The Construction sector relies heavily on the human interference to ensure the success of the project, without human factor
construction industry becomes questionable. Accidents are unexpected occurrences which can occur at any circumstances; therefore, it is the responsibility of the construction organizations to ensure a safe work environment. The rate of fatalities and
injuries is high in construction, despite technological advancements and implementations of occupational safety and health administration. Due to lack of adequate precautionary measures the frequency of accidents is common. The
literature study reveals that when the focus is towards ensuring safe workplace, a wide variety of technological interventions that can be adopted across construction sites to monitor construction safety, but its applications are meager and there is always a
room for improvement.