A Study on the Effectiveness of Google Analytics on the Business Growth of E-Commerce Companies in India

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46610/JOITS.2022.v08i03.001


  • Vishranti Kalyankar
  • Nilesh Anute


Data analytics, E-commerce, Google analytics, Information, Web analytics


The main objective of writing this research paper is to identify how google is used in the e-commerce sector. In addition, identify how e-commerce enhances its business using google analytics. To study the role of google analytics in the e-commerce sector. The paper went on to describe some of Google Analytics' particular advantages, such as high customization based on the nature of the organization and a broad range of reporting functionalities. The case study's main goal is to raise targeting strategies of Google Analytics' capabilities and to advocate the use of Web Analytics in sales and marketing activities. The case study's main result is that, in order to get the most out of analytics tools, it is essential to have strong financial goals and ensure first.