The Marketing Practices of Quail Industry San Antonio, Nueva Ecija: Problems and Prospects


  • Josephine Rhei N. Viñas Juan
  • Irish Nheay A. Sagun
  • Rowell A. Diaz


Industry, Marketing practices, Municipality, Quails, Purchasing condition


Quail production is one of the poultry products available in the municipality that became a source of income of the farmers. In quail farming and selling several problems may occur in terms of; product, price, promotion, supply and demand of the quails and quail eggs. The study was carried out in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija to study the farming of quails in the municipality. A total of 6 quail farmers were identified with the availability of the information in the Municipal Agricultural Office and all the listed names were interviewed. A questionnaire for field observation, a structured questionnaire for quail farmers, and an interview guide for respondents were used to collect data. Descriptive statistics were utilized to examine the quail production data, as well as the difficulties and opportunities. To examine the feasibility of quail, the objective of the study was analyzed using the supposed method of analysis production. The main challenges highlighted by the farmers included that they always come across dead quail’s everyday due to the heat of the sun. When the epidemic started, farmers faced difficulties in maintaining on-time deliveries since some of their retailers' locations would be locked down. The rise in petroleum prices is also making it difficult for producers to deliver quail eggs to stores. The farmers also lack high-tech materials to readily manage and preserve their quail farm's good operation. The study concluded that quail farming encountered problems from the distance of the poultry to the market, and the availability of the needed high-tech materials. The study recommends the improvement of the poultries in terms of; the waterway that connects from the water pump to the bird cages to help the birds survive the heat, a permanent supplier of the feeds that the quails need, a cool area and quiet that can keep the quails in a stress-free environment. In addition, the usage of both print and social media advertisements that can give awareness to the market for the availability of the product can boost sales.  As regards reaching more customers, the addition of more retailers within the municipality can raise the sales and awareness of the business.