Application of VTB in NPD - Suspension System in Quad Bike


  • Chepuri Sai Abhinav
  • Kowdodi Siva Prasad


Finite Element Method (FEM), New Product Development (NPD), Quad bike, Strength of materials, Test bench, Virtual Test Bench (VTB)


The development of a suspension system is a complex process that requires extensive testing and evaluation to ensure safety and performance. This technical paper focuses on the product development of a suspension system and the use of a test bench to evaluate its performance. The suspension system is an essential component of any vehicle, providing stability, handling, and ride comfort. The paper outlines the design process, including material selection and component placement, and explains the importance of simulation tools in the design phase. The test bench is used to simulate various road conditions and assess the suspension system's performance under different loads and driving conditions. The paper discusses the parameters that are measured during testing, including vertical acceleration, wheel displacement, and dynamic forces. The results of the test bench analysis are used to optimize the design and identify areas for improvement. The paper concludes with a discussion of the benefits of using a test bench in the suspension system development process. It highlights the importance of accurate and reliable testing to ensure that the final product meets safety and performance standards. Overall, this technical paper provides valuable insights into the development and testing of suspension systems, which can be applied to other automotive products.