Analysis of Abrasive Flow Machining on Al6063 Alloy Using CFD Simulation


  • Jakeer Hussain Shaik
  • Navyakeerthana B
  • Raghava Raju T


AFM process, Machining parameters, Micro finishing, Optimal machining settings, CFD simulation


In this work, simulation with computational fluid dynamics is utilized to model the cutting forces involved in the micro-finishing stage of abrasive flow machining. The process of "micro finishing" is simulated using mathematical models. The goal of the research is to find agreement or discrepancy between the simulated and actual outcomes. For this study, a flexible, polishing instrument made of polishing media is employed. To achieve the desired level of polish, the contact surface of the workpiece and the polishing medium must be in constant motion relative to one another. In this study, the stresses in both radial and axial directions induced by the flow of the polishing liquid within the workpiece fixture are analyzed using a 2D simulation with computational fluid dynamics. In addition, the AFM process of Al6063 alloy is optimized in this work employing response surface methodology. The results of this investigation show that all three machining parameters, as well as several of their relationships, significantly affect the outputs under consideration. In conclusion, an effort was made to predict the optimal machining settings to provide the greatest possible output within the limitations of the experiments.