E-Learning App for Villages Built with Dart on Top of Flutter Framework


  • Dr. G C Bhanuprakash
  • Mr. Dhruv Mehta
  • Mr. Naveen Mayur KR
  • Mr. Nikhil S
  • Mr. Nitish Chandrashekar


Dart, E-learning, Flutter framework, Implementation, System


E-learning is a new way of delivering an integrated, well-designed, student-centered learning environment using online and digital technologies in relation to design principles. Technological advancement is a new worldwide. Conditions for technological advancement are widespread in almost every economic and social sphere. Like any sector, the education sector is not immune to this changing environment. With the growth of new technologies, new students from the millennial generation are challenging the conventional education system. To address this, the education industry is focused on improving access to education using mobile applications and game-based learning. Collaborative trust and assessment are major factors influencing the use of learning programs. The results show that learning apps help memorize concepts and increase cognitive clarity.