Smart Life Saver System for Scuba Divers using GSM Module


  • N Hema Priya
  • V Priyanka
  • P Kavitha
  • A Charani
  • Manisha
  • D Bharani Kumari


Arduino UNO, Buzzer, Communication, Communication medium, Frequency ball, GSM, Heartbeat sensor, , IR sensor, Receiving medium, transmitting medium, Temperature Sensor


Wellbeing related issues and boundaries are of most extreme critical to man and are fundamental for his reality. The correspondence between submerged and land is a profoundly difficult one. Radio transmissions that movement through air pass on quickly in water. Acoustic or sonar, sent by submerged gadgets, generally bounces off the surface while never getting through. This causes failures and different issues for an assortment of uses, for example, sea investigation and submarine-to-plane correspondence. This paper presents a framework for giving constant distant well-being checking of an individual's condition with upgrades of an SMS alert through Global System for Mobile correspondence (GSM). This task focuses on the plan and execution of a minimal expense; however, proficient and adaptable individuals observe and ready framework involving Global System for Mobile correspondence (GSM) innovation. In this venture heartbeat and temperature of the body are estimated by sensors and performs hindrance recognition utilizing IR, which conveys the messages to the Control unit and showcases on Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and cautions through bell when he is in peril utilizing crisis switch.