A Study on the Effectiveness of Recruitment and Selection Process in Public Sector



  • Sai Sharan A.
  • Karpagavalli G


Employee performance, Organizational success, Public Sector, Recruitment, Selection process


In a competitive business landscape where talent is a prized asset, the efficacy of the recruitment and selection process isn't just an HR concern—it's a strategic necessity that distinguishes between average and outstanding performance. This process is pivotal for organizational success, influencing workforce quality and overall performance. This article provides an encompassing review of existing literature on recruitment and selection process effectiveness. Analysing five key studies, it underscores critical factors that contribute to a triumphant process, highlighting its influence on employee performance, retention, and overall organizational outcomes. The literature review emphasizes aligning strategies with goals, innovative methods, and the value of diversity and inclusion for fostering a dynamic, high-achieving workforce.