Human Capital Management (HCM) - The Metrics & Analytics


  • G. Naveen Kumar
  • M. Raghava Reddy
  • Akarsha Vustikayala
  • M. Swetha Shastry


Employee engagement, Empower employees, Human capital management, Organizational performance, Productivity


The world is breathing data, moving on information, like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and viral technologies redefined and reshaped the Analytics of white-collar and c-suite people (Deloitte). One of the studies reveals that a huge percentage of millennials prefer to own business establishments, preferential freelancers, and move towards non-profit-oriented organizations (Oracle). A global study estimates that contingent workers will dominate the workforce by 2025.

The era of HCM shits to Employee Experience from Employee Engagement resulted from less employee turnover. Identifying the right talent, attracting, dragging to the work, assigning the right task, training, motivating and involve in the work, reviewing the performance, empowering, and retaining the workforce have become one of the toughest tasks for Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs).

Given the above, HR analytics becomes one of the most predictive and powerful tools for attracting, hiring and retaining talent to increase revenue, customer satisfaction or market share.

The research is empirical, providing actionable insights on integrating HR practices into analytics, building a more effective and efficient 'talent pipeline', and recommendations for improving organizational performance and productivity. Hire and revenue and build trust in the employee value proposition (EVP).