A study to Assess the knowledge and Attitude Regarding Lifestyle Modifications to Prevent Hypertension Among Bank Employees in Selected Banks at Gwalior

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46610/RRMCOC.2022.v04i02.002


  • Anand Dixit


Knowledge, Attitude, Lifestyle Modifications, Hypertension, Bank Employees


Problem selection is the first step in every research project. This is when an investigator decides what kind of issue, he or she wants to address by doing the study. The researcher's path through the study is illuminated by the objectives he or she has set. To do useful research, you need to clearly define your goals. Objectives of the study: To assess the attitudes toward lifestyle change to reduce hypertension among bank workers, to find out the correlation between the degree to which people are aware of the benefits of making lifestyle changes to lower their blood pressure and avoid hypertension, to find out the connection between the amount of knowledge and specified socio demographic characteristics and to find the association between the level of attitude with selected socio demographic variables. Methodology: Among other things, this chapter explains how to conduct a study and how to select a sample; how to conduct a pilot study; how to gather data; and how to arrange for statistical analysis. Conclusion: Hypertension is a contemporary day’s pandemic and it is becoming a public health problem globally, particularly in the developing nations. It has been noticed that cardiovascular illnesses are rising in developing nations and it has been anticipated that CVD would be the primary cause of morbidity and death in these countries by the year 2020.