A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease Among Bank Employee Working in Selected Banks of Gokak Taluka with A View to Develop an Information Booklet


  • Parvati Jambri
  • Anita Kulli
  • Afrin Thatagar
  • Soyal Nadaf
  • Vittalsingh Rajaput
  • Rohit Goder
  • Viresh Hattatwat
  • Sagar Sankavvagol
  • Shakeelahmed Mujawar
  • Vijaykumar Mathapati
  • Siddusingh Hajeri
  • Prakash Hiremath


Knowledge, Prevention, Coronary artery disease, Bank employee


Descriptive research was carried out to examine the knowledge of "a study to assess the knowledge of coronary artery disease prevention among bank employees working in selected banks of Gokak Taluka with a view to developing an information booklet." The knowledge of bank employees about coronary artery disease prevention was assessed using a non-experimental research approach. A total of 40 bank employees from various banks in the Gokak taluka were included in the sample. The samples were chosen using a non-probability convenient sampling technique. A self-structured questionnaire was used to collect data. The majority of bank employees had mediocre understanding of how to prevent coronary artery disease, according to the findings. The average score for knowledge was determined to be 19.2. The outcome also revealed that the bank employee's understanding was limited.