Cybersecurity As an Emerging Challenge to Yemen Security


  • Ismail. A. Humied


Challenge, Cyber-attacks, Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, Risk, Security


Yemen is a developing country, but it is
making progress in terms of technology due
to the development of ICT and the expansion
of the national infrastructure. As a result of
this expansion, the availability of Internet
connectivity is becoming more and more
popular among people. However, the
emergence of cybersecurity as a new security
threat in Yemen is a result of these advances.
This report examines Yemen's security issues
regarding cybersecurity. This study places the
idea of cybersecurity within the framework of
security theory. The paper reveals Chinese
hackers targeting the United States and
highlights the devastating potential of cyberattacks. Based on this, we can then assess
Yemen's cybersecurity environment. The
survey also includes other statistical surveys
that list the country as one of the hardest-hit
countries in the world. Yemen acknowledged
the need for ICT for growth but ignored the
importance of cybersecurity. The study looks
at the development of the country's
cybersecurity strategy, which led to the draft
Cybersecurity and IT Crime Prevention Act,
which will be published in 2022. Discussions
on a national cybersecurity strategy have also
been launched by him in 2022, but so far, no
concrete cyber laws have been enacted. The
country is poorly positioned online due to a
lack of cyber skills and expertise. The study
also makes some suggestions on how Yemen
can improve its overall cybersecurity