Common Risks and Challenges in Cybercrime


  • Ismail. A. Humied


Challenges, Cybercrime, Cyber security, Evidence, Investigation, Legislation, Risks


The importance of cybercrime comes with the
extent of the risks posed by this type of crime,
as it affects the right to obtain information,
affects the sanctity of the private life of
individuals, threatens national security, and
leads to a loss of confidence in technology and
other aspects of public life. The challenges of
cybercrime were the difficulty of the
procedures to evidence represented in
concealing the cybercrime; the ease and speed
of erasing or destroying evidence and features
of the cybercrime; and the huge amount of
data to be examined on the network. As well
as difficulties in the issues of collecting
evidence from inspection, seizure, and other
procedures, and the global nature of these
crimes. In this research, we dealt with the
study of the risks of cybercrime and how to
face these risks. The procedures for digital
evidence are also described in three basic
stages: formation of a team of experts to
investigate, and procedures to inspect, seize,
and collect the digital evidence in cybercrime.
In addition, the most important challenges in
cybercrime were discussed, which related to
the crime itself, the parties affected by the
crime, and challenges related to investigating
authorities and legislation. This paper
presented recommendations to overcome
those challenges at the end