Design of Pneumatically Operated Automatic Guided Vehicle


  • Nilesh Vijay Sabnis
  • Hemant Shinde
  • Nilesh Desai


AGV, Automation, Human factor, Material handling, Pneumatic circuit


In this piece, we examined the issues associated with manual material handling. Because pneumatic systems are essential to automation, they provide the greatest answers to all issues. AGV systems are under the wide category of automation. Compared to robotic arms, their controls are more intricately designed. In addition to movement, navigation also includes motion control, perception, localization, and path planning. As per the requirement of the industry using SMC pneumatic software, we created a pneumatic circuit and implemented it for the design of the model of AGV. The outcomes of the simulation demonstrated this circuit's efficacy. Results showed that by using compressed air as the only source of power for AGVs, the human aspect can be eliminated from material handling systems. The constructed model is cost-efficient as no electricity is used. With the help of this technology, the industry will be able to enhance productivity and manufacture goods more quickly and efficiently. Automating the process results in items that are guaranteed to be the same every time, this also increases quality.