Analysis of Thief Identification Techniques using Artificial Intelligence


  • C. Saraswathy
  • S. Sarumathi


Artificial intelligence, Face and action recognition, False alarms


Theft is a major cause of violence around the world. Several valuable things are stolen as a result of security issues in the workplace, bank, and home. In previous years, a variety of techniques were used to reduce the risks. Two of these methods are burglar alarms and CCTV recording. However, these methods are inaccurate and disorganized due to a lack of human attention in such processes. Since such a system requires human maintenance to control the data collected by the camera, it presents a greater problem for shop or home owners. The that rate of crime causes people to struggle both financially and emotionally. As a result, there is a need to prevent theft and develop a security system. It has to be simple to use, free of false alarms, human interference-free, and cost-effective. The primary goal of this paper is to serve as both a concise overview and a reference by providing primary knowledge of various techniques used as well as various research opportunities in this field. A variety of methods for identifying the thief using artificial intelligence based on the face and behaviour recognition are demonstrated in this survey.