Design & Implementation of a SCADA Base Embedded System


  • Rajashekar M. Koyyeda
  • Pavithra G.
  • Praveen N.
  • Arun Kumar G.
  • Spoorthi Jainar


Base Embedded System, Data Acquisition System, Modern Manufacturing Systems, Programmable Logic Controller, Power Supply


In this paper, the Design & Implementation of a SCADA based embedded system is presented. This paper presents the mechanization of a cycle by interfacing a gauging offset with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The examination work was taken up as a piece of the discussion work at a cigarette fabricating firm. The itemized investigation of the whole cigarette fabricating measure uncovered that after the preparing of tobacco, which is the last stage in the creation division, the handled tobacco is said something receptacles on a gauging balance and physically recorded by an administrator. The administrator needs to keep a tally of the containers and summarize them toward the day's end. This includes utilization of time and human work. The point of our examination work is to mechanize this cycle so the data with respect to different mixes of cigarette and their particular loads can be made accessible at each PC terminal by the day's end. For putting away this data we are utilizing the MS-Excel bookkeeping page and writing in it with the assistance of SCADA content. The work examines in detail the plan, engineering, programming and execution of a PLC. It additionally covers the different highlights offered by the SCADA programming and furthermore manages the interfacing of the PLC and SCADA. The interface RS232C/RS485 is utilized. This work is an online exploration project which has now been actualized in the firm and yielding wanted outcomes.