Development and Study of Urea Fertilizer Spreader


  • Satyam Mishra
  • Harshal Mahale
  • Praful Sasane
  • Jitendra Mahajan
  • Rajat Bhardwaj


Agriculture goods, Agriculture mechanisms, Fertility, Fertilization time, Flow control mechanisms, Labour costs, Uniform spreading


India is an agriculturally oriented nation. In our nation, farmers make up over 70% of the population. Agriculture-related items have a significant role in our economy as well. Increasing our agricultural output and quality is also crucial for improving our economic situation. Fertilization is one of the numerous processes in the farming process that isn't emphasized enough. Farmers often spread fertilizer using a traditional method that is labor-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming. Therefore, we will build a manually operated machine for spreading fertilizer while taking into account the user group and their requirements in order to make their work simple and effective. The "Urea fertilizer spreader machine" was constructed using the following sorts of materials: A hopper, hollow pipes, three wheels, a cable-operated lever, a spring, nuts, bolts, etc. The project is made up of a hopper at the top that is connected to the lever cable and spring mechanism and a hollow pipe frame support with three wheels attached to one at the bottom. The hollow pipe attached to the spring mechanism opens the valve when we press the lever cable and it closes when we let go of the lever cable. In this manner, urea is conserved, and the machine can be used as needed.