“Seismic Performance Considerations for Flat Slabs and Beam Slabs in Multi-Storey Buildings”


  • Kumar Suman Saurabh
  • Vivek Soni


Beam slabs, Flat slab, RC frame, Seismic regions, Zone II


Flat slab construction offers greater
architectural flexibility, allowing for more
open floor plans without the need for
numerous columns or beams. The design of
flat slab buildings maximizes the use of
interior space, as no beams or columns
obstructing it. Additional measures and
design considerations are required to
progress the seismic concert of both
predictable RC frame buildings and flat slab
structures in seismic regions. The proposed
alternate floor flat-beam slab structure may
be one such measure to address the seismic
challenges while maintaining some of the
advantages of flat slab construction. Seismic
safety is a critical factor in building design,
especially in areas prone to earthquakes, and
careful engineering and analysis are essential
to ensure the safety and performance of
structures. The analysis focuses on the seismic
behaviour of these building types in seismic
zone II. Seismic behaviour includes
examining how the buildings respond to
earthquake forces, what changes occur in
each type of structure, and which structural
elements are affected.